Since its beginning, the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment has been Fluidica's mission. In addition, our mission is to provide specialized technical assistance to achieve the optimal solution for the problems of manufacture, assembly, modernization and the substitution of machinery that works with hydraulic or pneumatic energy.

At FLUIDICA, precision, reliability, quality and seriousness converge, which results in trust and guarantee of our equipment and services.

Since its beginning, FLUIDICA has designed and manufactured sophisticated equipment that operates with oildynamic energy.

FLUIDICA is constantly looking to resolve problems and design reliable systems that meet the needs of our customers.





FLUIDICA Hidráulica, in the vanguard of Mexico, applies servo/proportional hydraulic engineering, backed by sufficient technical support to satisfactorily resolve any kind of oildynamic application, such as substituting, optimizing or automating any kind of electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic application.


FLUIDICA Manufacturing, is a 100% Mexican company which has technically trained employees and specialized equipment for the manufacturing of hydraulic, high precision presses, high reliability and quality products for export.



FLUIDICA Engineering is made up of a group of engineering specialists in manufacturing and design of oildynamic applications, complying with the engineering standards J.I.C.; N.E.M.A. y A.S.T.M.We are dedicated to providing industry with high quality systems and field support, as well as problem resolution to meet the needs of industry, according to schedule and budget.


FLUIDICA Technical Service is made up of a group of specialized technicians to offer solutions in the field and/or to maintain in optimal operation the equipment manufactured by us. We offer start-up services and maintenance programs. This service is provided in the entire country and world-wide.

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