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Briquetters for Metal


A briquette maker makes the waste work for you, generating great utility.


Fluidica brand briquteadoras transform the ordinary turned waste like chips, burrs, fillers, chips, cuttings. - even the metallic powder - in dense, economically processed agglomerates that normally have a much higher price than uncompacted material, reducing transport costs.


With this type of equipment, you can obtain a recovery of up to 98% of liquids such as cutting oil or refrigerants containing burrs.


Thanks to the reduction of space to use a briqueteadora, also reduces the cost in the handling of loose burr inside and outside the plant, the risk of handling associated with the transport of loose burrs with oils decreases. Likewise, the areas within the plant, available for bulk material, were used more.


With the briquetting of the burrs, reduce the polluting fumes by oxidation of the material at the time of the melting and recovery of material.


Briquetters for Dust and Sawdust


The logging companies have a large deficit due to the accumulation of sawdust, both in storage costs, transfer and even paying to be able to eliminate this waste material, the FBA line of FLUIDICA briquetters not only allow volume reduction, but also return this waste in a useful and highly profitable material, either for its commercialization or simply in a transport savings that goes from 20% to 200%.




Reinforced Structure


The supply tank is protected by a structural body with thick walls. The structure helps to divert the shock load to guarantee a long life to the equipment and to minimize the maintenance of the briquetting machine.


Consistent Operation


Our briquetters use a Siemens PLC for a reliable and automatic operation. The processor ensures quality briquetting in each cycle, even when the feed hopper is emptying or the density of the product has changed. The briquetters for powders and sawdust don't require a binder to produce the briquette. The control cabinet is easy to operate, it has high efficiency and quality devices.


Flexible Feeding


These briquetters can process a big variety of densities due to innovations like the cylinder auxiliary feeder for the rubbery material and a greater entrance that the current briquetters. The automatic material doser avoids oversaturation or lack of material in the compacting chamber.


Conveyor Systems


Fluidica provides conveyor systems (metal or rubber bands) to send metal chips from their machine tools to a transport container. Fluidica can design the system to be completely automated or partially automated depending on what you need. These bands can also be provided for the powder and sawdust briquetters.




These equipments have easy access to maintain them. The hydraulic system is efficient and of high quality, with easy access but at the same time protected to prevent particles of material from altering its correct functioning.


Field Trial


Each part of the equipment is fully tested in our plant with its material.



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