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Sorting Plants for Urban Solid Waste (USW)



The problem of garbage in Mexico is increasingly worrisome, since over the years, about 43 million tons of waste are produced. Likewise, Rule 83 of the SEMARNAT regulation mentions the proper management that the Municipalities of Mexico must give to waste.


Aware of this Standard, Fluidica, has turnkey projects of Garbage Selection Plants or commonly called Urban Solid Waste (USW).


The line of models for the Sorting Plants that we manufacture have capacities to treat from 100, 200, 400, 500, 1,000 and up to 2,000 daily tons of garbage. The manufacture of plants for recycling can also be made according to the needs of each customer.


As an additional equipment, we propose a trash bale grinding machine, which allows these bales to be sent to cement plants for power generation, but with a higher density and less space. In case that the bales are sent to a Sanitary Landfill, when the bales are piled up, a Dry Sanitary Landfill can be made that will have a longer useful life than an Open Roof Filling.


The manufacture of these Plants for Recycling is with 100% Mexican Technology under the development and design of our group of engineers.



Basic components of a sorting plant for garbage:

Conveyor Belts


The first point of the Sorting Plants, is the reception of the garbage in the pits with metal or rubber bands (depending on the model) to take the product to the next step, which is the unloading of the garbage in the Bag Shredder or the unloading in the Horizontal Selection Band.


In the reception pit, a pre-selection of garbage is made, removing materials of great volume or weight that can not go through the following selection processes.


The products that must be removed in this section are mattresses, refrigerators, televisions, etc.




Ripping Bags

The ripping bags, as the name implies, performs the function of making a rip or previous opening of the bags, which is the way in which garbage generated in homes is commonly received.


Thanks to this equipment, a better selection is made, since the first selection staff does not waste time opening the bags manually.




Horizontal Rubber Bands


The Rubber Bands for Garbage Selection is the section where the personnel in charge of the separation of the recyclable materials carries out their work. Depending on the amount of trash and the selected model, the personnel unloads the material through ducts on plastic containers, superbags, silo or directly on another rubber band to later compact it and make bales of recycled material.



 Magnetic Bands


The magnetic band is placed at the extreme end of the Horizontal Sorting Band, since the function of this band is to separate the metals that are not recovered by the selectors.


The main metals that are collected by this band are cans of preserves, which are directed to another container to be compacted.




Horizontal Balers


The horizontal balers, like the vertical ones, are used for the compaction of materials for recycling.


Within the line of horizontal balers, we have manual clamping balers, automatic tie, special for compacting aluminum cans.





Vertical Balers


For the recycling of cardboard, PET, aluminum, textil, paper, newspaper, etc. the vertical balers of manual tie are used.


By compacting the different recycled materials, a reduction in the cost of transportation and storage of the recycled ones is obtained.









As an optional equipment, you can use the mills for plastics.


The use of this equipment greatly benefits the reuse of plastic bottles, since when grinding the bottles, greater savings in storage space and reduction in transport costs are obtained, in addition to the price of plastic bottles. Ground increases in relation to the price of the package only compacted.





Wrapping Machine


Within the different models of Recycling Plants that Fluidica proposes, is the Wrapping System of bales with waste that will be sold as fuel to the cement plants or will be sent to the Sanitary Landfill, which mainly contain organic waste.


The wrapping of these bales, makes possible the elimination of bad odors, avoids the generation of pests and birds, in addition that does not allow the filtration of leachates to the water table, reducing the danger of fires.




Fluidica's Sorting Plants of Waste

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